Sunday, September 19, 2010

12 funny google search suggestions

Google seems to know what your thinking before you do. It's called "search suggestions", which try to guess what you are looking for based on other similar searches that are popular. The key word there is popular, although I have no idea why these would be popular searches...

I don't happen to smell bacon, but maybe thats just me.

Coincidentally, thats why I got married.

Lets just agree he's an awesome antiChrist.

Apparently no Tea Partiers doing these searches.

I wonder if the results would be different with safe search turned off.

Someone please email me the punch line!

He would die for our sins, thats what. Hey, klondike bars are pretty awesome.

If many of the other listings in this search apply to you, there's your answer.

Words escape me...

The age-old question

Considering its higher ranking, perhaps there are more females with flatulance issues?

Uhh, too much time on the internet perhaps?

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