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Thursday, February 25, 2010

8 forgotten olympic events

We all know classic Olympic events like the marathon, downhill skiing, or gymnastics, but unfortunately some events have been relegated to the dustbin of sports history. Gone but not forgotten, here is a reminder of some of those bygone sports...

The tug-of-war is a classic summer camp game that every kid knows. Believe it or not it was actually an Olympic event once, last contested in 1920.

Sled Dog Racing
Nowadays we only have the Iditarod for famous sled dog racing, but these mushers were in the Olympics as a demonstration sport back in 1932.

What's sled dog racing without the sled? Skijoring, of course. This is a sport where skiers are pulled by dogs or other animals. Last seen at the Olympics in 1928 as a demonstration sport.

Who doesn't have a croquet set in their basement gathering dust? But in years gone by this was actually a popular activity, and it was contested in the Olympics in 1900.

This is a slightly different version of Jai-Alai, which itself an outdated sport last seen on the opening credits if Miami Vice circa 1987. Basque-Pelota was only played once, at the 1900 games, and only 2 teams competed. According to Wikipedia the score is unknown. Thats just sad.

Jeu De Paume
A version of tennis (known as "real tennis" in Britain), this game has been around a few hundred years. Originally this game was played with bare hands instead of rackets. Only played in Olympic competition for medals once, at the 1908 summer games.

OK, this is pretty much just like hockey, but played with a ball instead of a puck. Leave it to the Russians, where this sport is still played. This was an Olympic demonstration event in 1952.

Water Motor Sports
Does sailing seem a little too athletic? OK, them just put a motor on the boat and call it a day. Yes, motor boat racing was actually an Olympic event at one time, last competed in 1908.

Monday, February 22, 2010

20 "dirty car" works of art

Recently one of my favorite TV shows, Modern Marvels, had an episode dedicated to dirt. On it they profiled Scott Wade (pictured below), a Texas graphic designer who creates works of art from dust on car windows. So now I tell my wife my car isn't dirty - I'm just prepping it. Anyway, here are several examples of Scott's art, as well as other similar pictures I found on the net...

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7 worst olympic logos

The olympics are a symbol of peaceful competition, athletic ability, and the power of the human spirit. These olympic logos don't quite capture any of these things....

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