Friday, December 4, 2009

18 classic comic book ads

I had a huge comic book collection when I was a kid. I used to marvel at the cool stuff you could order from the ads in the back of the book. See how many of these classics you remember...

If there's one ad you remember it must be this. Who didn't want a family of Sea Monkeys?
Look close - thats really Arnold Schwarzenegger

I had dreams of buying this and using it in my swimming pool
(little did I know it was cardboard)

What exactly is this guy lifting the bench with? Hmmmm

What's better than a 4 foot talking monster? ....

...A 6 foot monster, thats what!

A pre-teenage boy's dream item

A hypno-coin and X-Ray specs and you'd be in like Flynn!

Did anyone ever actually read "Grit"??

How do you make money with an old appliance box? Here's how.

I actually had these. Toy soldiers are awesome! (Although I never had actual flying planes...)

"A laugh riot"...

It appears that the way to be taller is to be cut in half

You think this is the coolest live animal you can get from a comic book.
Oh no my friend, just wait - there's more

My parents wouldn't buy me a BB gun, but my uncle got me one for Christmas.
My cool uncle.

Sure, 6 year olds today have their Recorders, but a Gahoon
beats that twerpy little flute any day.

Look! A new toy! A gas mask!!

Last but not least: This is the most awesome live animal you could get from a comic book!

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