Tuesday, December 8, 2009

17 epic comb overs

Desperate men do desperate things, and there is no one more desperate than a man losing his hair. The comb over is a time honored tradition is the fight against baldness, but c'mon guys - you shouldn't try such extreme measures to hold back the inevitable, it's just tacky! First, lets understand the anatomy of the comb over by studying one of the most classic comb overs there is: Donald Trump:

As you can see, a great comb over is no simple task. Next is a comb over taken to the extreme:
Ok, that one wasn't real, but it was pretty awesome! And if you thought comb overs were just for people, think again:

Here are several more classic comb overs. Some are famous, some just famously bad...

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  1. these guys are sooooooooooooo sexy!!!!