Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 weird Amazon products

Amazon truly is "the worlds largest store", but when you have the worlds biggest store it takes a lot to fill it up, and not all of it can be top tier merchandise. Here are some stranger things you can find on Amazon. They are all true, as are the reviews, Scout's Honor. Go ahead - look them up.

Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser
Sample review: "The soap does leak out a little and run down the shower wall, but, no worries, it just looks like snot."

Eco-egg Washing Machine
Sample review: "This micro-washing machine is absolutely wonderful, simple to use, and so cute to look at!"

Inflatable Wife
Sample review: "I had my inflatable wife for 4 glorious months. I was so in love with her, and I thought she with me. We didn't talk much, but I could tell by the look in her eyes that she adored me."

Unicorn Meat
Sample review: "For years now I've been secretly buying Unicorns off the Black Market and eating them when no one's around - well, no more! Now, with my handy Unicorn can, I can eat this rare and exotic meat everywhere! "

Sauna Pants
Sample review: "Like a lot of guys, I sometimes have trouble getting a good crotch sweat going. Wrapping my nethers in plastic wrap and a dozen freshly baked Hot Pockets only goes so far. So, as soon as I saw this magnificent product I knew I must have it."

Sample review: Sadly, no reviews.

Buddy Christ Bobble-Head
Sample review: "The material doesn't tolerate summer dashboard heat very well, resulting in my Jesus becoming very droopy. But he still looks happy."

Blood Energy Potion
Sample review: "It didn't give me much energy but it was extremely tasty and it grossed out my friends and got me some looks in public! I couldn't ask for more!"

Bacon Frosting
Sample review: "It's weird, I did not enjoy it. But how can I complain when the product delivers exactly what it promises?"

Horse Head Mask
Sample review: "When I turned State's Witness, they didn't have enough money to put me in the Witness Protection Program, so they bought me this mask and gave me a list of suggested places to move. Since then I've lived my life in peace and safety knowing that my old identity is forever obscured by this life-saving item."

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  1. Nice! :) I saw the nose too actually, but I haven't written about it myself because people said it was leaking / bad quality. I also have a website on weird products at
    Its fun to see what kind of stuff people pay for hehehe. If you don't mind, maybe you could put a link to my website? Thanks!