Monday, December 26, 2011

10 musicians who died at age 27

In the history of popular music, a seemingly disproportionately high number of artists have been lost to the world at age 27. Perhaps is is coincidence, but perhaps not - you decide. Here are 10 of the more famous members of "the 27 club".

Robert Johnson, blues singer
Cause of death: unknown, possible poisoning

Brian Jones, guitarist for the Rolling Stones
Cause of death: drowned

Jimi Hendrix, singer, songwriter, and pioneering guitarist
Cause of death: inhalation of vomit

Janis Joplin, rock/blues singer
Cause of death: drug overdose

Jim Morrison, iconic singer for rock band The Doors
Cause of death: purportedly heart failure

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan, keyboardist for rock band the Grateful Dead
Cause of death: Alcoholism related gastrointestinal hemmorage

Leslie Harvey, guitarist for rock band Stone The Crows
Cause of death: electrocution while performing

Jean-Michel Basquiat, artist and founder of the band Gray
Cause of death: drug overdose

Kurt Cobain, grunge rock pioneer and founder of Nirvana
Cause of death: suicide via gunshot wound

Amy Winehouse, rock/blues singer
Cause of death: alcohol poisoning


  1. no pete ham of badfinger and blind owl wilson of canned heat both died at age 27 there are others as well.
    this is Paul Bidaud of Vancouver, b.c.

  2. also leslie harvey of stone the crows
    Paul again

  3. woops you got Harvey