Tuesday, August 4, 2009

20 paintings by celebrities

Tony Bennett (singer):

Sylvester Stallone (actor):

Tony Curtis(actor):

Ron Wood (musician - The Rolling Stones):

Richard Chamberlain (actor):

Phyllis Diller (comedian):

Paul Stanley (musician/singer - Kiss):

Martin Mull (actor):

Ringo Starr (musician - The Beatles):

Paul McCartney (musician/singer - The Beatles, Wings):

John Lennon (musician/singer - The Beatles):

Jerry Garcia (musician/singer - The Grateful Dead):

Janis Joplin (singer):

Grace Slick (singer-Jefferson Airplane):

Dennis Hopper (actor):

David Bowie (singer):

Billy Dee Williams (actor):

Anthony Quinn (actor):

Mikail Baryshnikov (ballet dancer):

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